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      Des PERFORMANCES automatisées de dernière génération

      Construire des robots dernier cri capables de créer des produits médicaux et électroniques révolutionnaires est une idée audacieuse. L'une des plus grandes entreprises chinoises de fabrication de robots industriels, Siasun, utilise EcoStruxure™ Machine pour améliorer les performances de ses robots parallèles, aidant ainsi les fabricants à améliorer de 30% leur efficacité.

      Découvrez EcoStruxure
    • Giving robots a new lease on life

      Discover how robotics manufacturer Siasun has improved the efficiency of its industrial robots, thanks to Schneider automation solutions.

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      Transforming industry with automation

      Global energy demand is rising, putting more pressure on industry to increase efficiency by digitizing. See how Schneider Electric is helping industries tap into the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things to improve productivity and control and create more value.

      The challenge

      • Set up in 2000, Siasun Robot & Automation Co. Ltd. has rapidly grown to become one of the largest robot makers in China. 

      • The company boasts its own independent research and development. It is committed to building parallel robots that comply with stringent international standards, meet rising industrial demands, and are tailored to the diversified needs of manufacturers in a variety of segments, from food to vehicles.


      The solution

      Connectivity and Efficiency with EcoStruxure
         Edge Control: PacDrive 3 motion control platform

      • With Schneider Electric’s high-end PacDrive 3 motion control platform, Siasun has enhanced the performance of its parallel robot, which means greater efficiency and cost savings for both Siasun and its customers.

      • So far, Siasun’s robots have been successfully deployed in electronics and medicine production lines, as well as in food packaging.

      • Now, Siasun is looking forward to implementing Schneider Electric smart manufacturing solutions to further boost its competitiveness.


      “We have the perfect solution for parallel robot manufacturing”

      – Jihong Qiu, General Manager of Rail Transportation Division,
         Siasun Robot & Automation Co. Ltd.

      Key facts

      • The PacDrive 3 platform helped improve the performance of Siasun’s parallel robots.
      • They help manufacturers improve efficiency by up to 30%.
      • Siasun has quickly expanded its market presence and is planning to further boost its position through partnership with Schneider Electric.

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