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      La voie vers des PERFORMANCES inégalées

      Améliorer vos PERFORMANCES dans l'un des secteurs les plus consommateurs d’énergie tout en réduisant votre empreinte carbone est une idée audacieuse. La China National Building Materials Group Corporation a réduit la consommation d’énergie de sa production de ciment de 10% et l'intensité du travail de 60% grâce à Schneider EcoStruxure™ Plant.

      Découvrez EcoStruxure
    • Paving the way to sustainability

      See how cement manufacturer CNBM has cut energy consumption and reduced its environmental footprint with our support.

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      Transforming industry with automation

      Global energy demand is rising, putting more pressure on industry to increase efficiency by digitizing. See how Schneider Electric is helping industries tap into the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things to improve productivity and control and create more value.

      The challenge

      • With more than 100,000 employees and ¥110 billion in assets, China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) is one of the largest cement manufacturers globally. One out of every 10 tons of cement in the world is produced by CNBM. 

      • While the cement industry has always faced the challenge of high energy consumption, governmental energy regulations have become more stringent in this respect over recent years. To improve its energy efficiency, CNBM has started working with Schneider Electric.


      The solution

      Connectivity and Efficiency with EcoStruxure

      • Thanks to Schneider Electric’s kiln expert control and energy management systems, CNBM has optimized its energy consumption and reduced production costs.

      • Schneider systems have also helped CNBM minimize unplanned breakdowns, prolong equipment service life, and enhance security of its operations.

      • Now, the company is looking forward to implementing our smart manufacturing and equipment management solutions to further reduce its environmental footprint.


      “The Schneider Electric system plays a guiding role in our production”

      – Liu Xiangkui, Deputy General Manager, China United Cement Yinan Co. Ltd., a CNBM company

      Key facts

      • Labor intensity lowered by 60%.
      • Overall energy efficiency improved by 10%.
      • Energy consumption per production unit cut by 3-5%.
      • ROI achieved in less than 2 years.

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